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Welcome to The Art Department. We have over 30 years of professional experience and training. The Art Department was started in Las Vegas in 1988 and is a multimedia freelance company. By clicking on the links you will find samples of our work in a variety of mediums. Select the medium that interests you. Here is a very short overview of some of the services we can provide.
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    Latest News :

Sample Work

Undersea Mural

Painted Marble Pillar

Children's Mural

Painted Vines and Greenhouse Ceiling

Dali Mural

Clay Sculpture

T-Shirt Design

Painted Marble

Sign Design

Artistic Mini Golf

Custom Car Paint

Undersea Mural

Undersea Mural

Cindy has been very busy painting! She has decided to commit herself to creating a series of fine art pieces. As well as bringing in new clients to expand our mural work, we are working on new websites, which include Photoshop and Photography Tutorials.

Cindy is also doing a lot of talking about making a "How To DVD" on painting pillars, if you are interested in that or any other "How To DVD's" drop her a line and help us get her to change her priority list! We think that you will like her new Cre8iveways series.
        So we are Busy, Busy around here in Chester - but we love to travel and create art anywhere!

    Current & Recent Projects :

View the Mural

New Mural for Children's Hospital
Cindy has completed a large (17'x50') mural for hospital renovation in Virginia.

Check out the complete mural on her art blog.

Visit the Website

New Website for county organization
The Thayer County Economic Development Alliance wanted a new website to promote a new modern look and increase awareness about their services. Click here to view the website
We used a Joomla back end for this project.

View the website

New Website for local dentist
We created the logo and website for a local dentist. They loved the logo and have replaced their business cards and building sign to create a consistent brand. Click here to view their website

Click here to view the project

Another Mural Project in Lincoln Nebraska - Complete
This mural of Positano is in a dining room. It's about 3 feet by 3 feet and includes a lot of detail. Cindy is painting it on a board.

Click the image on the left to view the project.

Click here to view the project

Another Mural Project in Lincoln Nebraska - Complete
This is the second of two murals that Cindy painted for a home in Lincoln, featuring a sandcastle and beach umbrellas. Both are for children's rooms and will feature a beach theme.

Click the image on the left to view the project.

Click to view the mural's progress

Mural Project in Lincoln Nebraska - Complete!
It's always nice to have a project close to home. This is the first of two murals that Cindy is painting for a home in Lincoln. They are for children's rooms and will feature a beach theme.

Click the image on the left to view the mural

Click here to view the project

Nebraska Farmhouse gets a makeover - Complete!
What started out as a one week tile setting job turned into a great and fun project as we were able to work on a new addition to an old Nebraska farmhouse! A lot of faux finishing, texturing and even a room full of mural.

Click the image on the left to view the project.

Click to visit the site

A New Website for a custom knife artist
We've known Gary for a few years now, and he wanted his website updated. Here is his new site, but most importantly you have to check out his gallery. Gary is a master knife artist and his knives are highly sought collectibles. We only hope that his new site will bring him continues success.

Visit the website!

A New Website for e-Postcards
We've created a new website for sending out free e-postcards called We're going to use it as a promo tool for our fine art paintings and photographs. Based on the code from it will soon have 100's of different cards to send - check it out!

Visit the Website

A Local Museum Website
Art approached the local county museum and offered to create a website for them. After they voted unanimously for it, I created it the next day. I used Wordpress so that Historical Society members would be able to easily add articles.
Click here to check out the new site.

View the website

New website for Cindy's paintings / fine art
We have created a new website to showcase Cindy's murals and fine art work. We still have the complete portfolio of murals on this site, but will be highlighting unique projects and displaying Cindy's painting on the new site.
Click here to check out the new site.

Complete Design Services

Complete Design Services
We recently finished working with a client who opened a self serve frozen yogurt store. We provided a complete list of design services and worked closely with him to help him achieve his vision. The result is a beautiful store that both client and artist are proud of. Have a look at this project by clicking the image to the left.

Artist Reference CD

Photographic Reference For Artists
Cindy is working with a few local photographers to put together a series of CD's with detailed reference photos for Artists. Stop wasting your time on Google Images looking for a picture that is too small or not close enough to show real detail. We have 2 collections ready and are compiling 3 more-
Click here for more information

Bleached Shirt

Wearable Art -
Cindy has a new Limited Edition Series of shirts and tote bags available. And a commissioned design for the Seed 9 Rally in Nevada. The custom designs are etched into the fabric using bleach on dark colors. Exactly what her mother told her not to do!
        She is such a rebel!!


Case study on how our range of services helped a client from start to end.

3 large murals finished and installed in North Carolina

Portfolio of Gaming Designs for slot machines

Series of murals in installations in a Las Vegas hospital

Obstacle Art - Cindy becomes a golf course designer

Portfolio of Computer Graphic work

Portfolio of "What We Do"

Gallery of Faux Marble Pillars

CAD Website is posted, offering free tutorials


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