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   Complete creative services for a new store opening (2009)

A client recently contacted us to help with logo design and website work.  By the time he had his business open, we had completed work on:

Logo | Website | Business Card | Cup Design | Interior Design | Signs |

First off is the logo
We went through a number of designs and color variations and worked closely with the client to achieve his vision (not ours).  Below are a couple of later versions followed by the final logo.

Logo Design
Final Logo Design

Website Design
Once we had the final colors and theme, we were able to start developing a website so that the information could start reaching the public.  Click on the image below to visit the website.

Click to visit website

Business Card
We also designed the business card - the client wanted something basic and easy to read.

Business Card Design

Cup Design
We needed to design cups - not only for cup printing, but to be used in signs (before the cups were produced). The client sent us a couple of photos (left) and we used Photoshop to create finished cups.

Cup design Cup design

Interior Design
The client needed to visualize his new store.  The architect had provided CAD renderings, but they lacked color and finish detail.  We took those images and created layouts to give our client a better feel for how his store would look.  These included examples of tile and furniture as shown below.

Interior Design
Interior Design

Instore signage
We also designed all of the signs used inside the store. Once again, these had to be Photoshop creations as the cups weren't produced at the time. We made compositions using the cups (above) and adding in fruit from separate photographs. This was a 40x60 inch sign.

Sign Design

The store has opened!
In June of 2009, the yogurt store opened its doors to great success.  The owner received many compliments on the look of the store, signs, etc.  We hope that this page give you an idea of what we offer when we say, "Let us be your art department."

Store Open
Store & Sign Design
If you liked seeing what we did on this project, have a look at another business we helped from scratch.

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