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    Mural in Kids Room

Designer: Cindy Chinn
Artist: Cindy Chinn
Date: Jan-Feb 2011

This is the first of 2 murals to go in kids rooms in a home in Lincoln Nebraska. This features a 'surfer dude' theme and will incorporate 3D elements as well. The mural will be painted on canvas and installed on the wall above the wainscoting.


The colors on the website are not 100% accurate - due to the lighting in the room, the size of the mural and lack of space around the mural, getting perfect colors is a chore - also, there are some reflections to deal with.

Final photo - 2/28/11 - click here to see a full image - keep scrolling to see the progress from start to finish.

Beach Mural
Beach Mural

^ The installed mural - complete with canopy!

Below is a conceptual mockup of the design

Installed and waiting for the work in the room to be completed.

Beach Mural Installed!

The painting has begun! - Cindy has the sky done as well as some trees, and is now blocking in the water.

Now Cindy's built a beach hut and put out some surfboards

Beach Mural (in progress)

More progress!

Palm trees have sprouted up out of nowhere!

Beach Mural (in progress)

The left side is starting to come together now (sorry for the glare!).

Beach Mural

The right side has some sketches on it and is ready for paint!

Beach Mural

Cindy painted a palm tree last night

Beach Mural - Palm Tree

Hey Cindy! Are the palm trees done yet?

Beach Mural - Palm trees

A close up of the palm trees

Beach Mural - Surf Shack

A close up of the surf shack

Beach Mural - Surf Shack

Here's a close up of the rocks on the beach

Beach Mural - Beach Scene

The Beach Hut is coming along nicely!

Painted Beach Mural

Cindy starts adding some color... and detail to the shoreline.

Beach Mural

A view looking down the beach

Beach Umbrella mural

Cindy has started painting the truck

Woody on Beach Mural

And some more detail..

Hand Painted Beach Mural

And a close-up of the car's progress

Hand Painted Beach Mural

Here's the right side of the mural.

Hand Painted Beach Mural

ok, there's a little bit of glare on the photo...BUT! the right side is ALMOST complete, just some shadows to do and the legs on the chair to finish up... as long as Cindy can keep those small brushes out of her hand, she can move on!
Cindy finalizes the right side of the mural and moves over to the left.

49 Woody Mural
Cindy has the small brushes out in force today! Each surfer is about 1" tall in the mural, but the detail is still there!
Gretchen: Cindy promises that she'll finish one day!! Remeber what I said about, "Cindy will put more detail in on a canvas that she paints at home."?
Beach Mural - Surfers

More work on the beach hut.

Beach Mural - Surfers and Palm Trees

Cindy has painted the palm trees in front of the surfers.

Palm Trees and Surfers

Surfboards are in, and almost the bike

Beach Mural - Surfers and Palm Trees

Close up of the bike.

Palm Trees and Surfers


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