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    Summerlin Hospital Children's Ward - Dolphins and Coral

Designer: Cindy Chinn
Artist: Cindy Chinn
Assistant Artist: Catherine Britton


This underwater mural will be installed in the play room. It shows four dolphins playing in a coral reef. The goal is to have the look of an aquarium that the children can look into and find different sea creatures. There is another mural that is half the length left to do. Cindy painted the background, dolphins and fish. While Catherine painted most of the coral and the turtle.

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An in-progress photo of the mural layout
Dolphin Mural

Here is a detail of the beginning of the sand and seaweed on the sea floor
Sand and Seaweed

A detail showing the coral on the right side and outline of the sea turtle
Coral Reef Mural

A closer view of one of the dolphins
Dolphin Mural

A close up of Mr. Crab- "Watch out for those dolphins!"
Close up of coral mural

Almost there - some fish and other surprises to add!
Dolphin Mural

Installed and waiting for a frame.

Installed and waiting for kids.
Completed fish murals

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